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Completely smother a pinecone in cheese to attract the woodpecker and sprinkle it with cayenne pepper. Place the pine cone(s) where the most woodpecker activity is; one taste of the cayenne pepper and the woodpecker should be convinced to relocate...   Continue

February 10, 2015

​​​​​How to avoid the costly damage of woodpeckers.

​​​Fiber Cement Siding - What you need to know

JANUARY 26, 2015

Fiber cement siding was introduced to the building trades in the early 1970’s. Before this time wood or asbestos-cement siding was widely used throughout the U.S. However, as health risks associated with asbestos materials became more well known, the EPA banned the use of asbestos in the U.S. in new building products in 1973...    Continue

​​​​​Cellular PVC Siding is here, and it’s taking over!

JANUARY 29, 2015

Cellular PVC is not new to the building products industry. In fact it has been used for decades as a better alternative to exterior wood trim, corner boards, skirt boards and more. AZEK Building products have been producing these and other high quality cellular pvc products since it’s inception in 1983...   Continue

A simple solution to one of the most common roofing problems!

As the owner of a Kansas City Roofing Company, I can’t begin to tell you how many calls we get each year from homeowners with a leaky roof. The most common cause we come across when dealing with roof leaks is a failed seal around plumbing pipes that extend through the roof...   Continue

JANUARY 26, 2015

​​​Common Roofing problems


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