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At Trilogy we replace all the pipe jack flashings on every new roof we install, and then we add the rain collar on top so even if the sun causes the rubber to crack etc… there is a brand new rubber flashing underneath that should last the life of the roof.

They sell at most roofing supply stores for less than $5, and are extremely simple to install.  You simply by the proper size based on the diameter of the pipe you need to seal. The most common sizes are 1.5”, 2”, 3”, or 4”. Then simply slide the new “Rain Collar” over the pipe until you reach the base and it covers the existing failed seal.

In the past most Kansas City Roofing Companies would charge between $200-$300 to come out and replace the flashing around a plumbing pipe similar to the one shown in the photo above. Now there are several companies that manufacture a simple solution that will solve this problem and save homeowners hundreds of dollars.  It is simply called a “Rain Collar”

The most common cause for this problem is when Kansas City Roofers try and use a pipe jack flashing that is too small for the pipe they are trying to seal.  This causes the rubber to tear and creates an opportunity for water to enter the attic. Another common cause is the sun. Even if your Kansas City Roofing Contractor used the correct sized flashing, after 5-6 years the sun will cause the rubber to begin to crack and this too will cause leaks.

As the owner of a Kansas City Roofing Company, I can’t begin to tell you how many calls we get each year from homeowners with a leaky roof. The most common cause we come across when dealing with roof leaks is a failed seal around plumbing pipes that extend through the roof.

A simple solution to one of the most common roofing problems!

JANUARY 26, 2015

​​​Common Roofing Problems