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Claims Process 101

Find your insurance policy.
Find the Declarations Page, and find the heading Forms and Endorsements. Review your specific policy details for wind and hail damage. Make note of your claims hotline phone number.

Report the loss.
Call the claim hotline – and have the date and time of the storm ready, along with the general areas you have damage.

Preserve the important evidence.
If possible, gather and save anything can prove important details, such as the size of hail stones. We recommend saving and freezing these just in case. Fallen tree limbs, wind driven debris is also good to accumulate to help justify damages found after clean-up.

Take photos of your property in its worst condition.
Before you clean up, take photos the mess. Take them with perspective of evident markings. Take close up photos of the debris and damage. Have two sets of prints made, the adjuster will probably take one with them.

Arrange for temporary repairs if needed.
Take the needed steps to prevent further damage or water intrusion to your property. Your insurance company will compensate you for this, as its more than likely a requirement of your insurance policy. Take every measure to temporarily repair major damage to your home. Save receipts and documentation to receive compensation.

Keep track of your time and expenses.
Keep receipts and records of your time and money spent on the clean up and or temporary repairs.

Select a qualified storm damage restoration company.
Obtain a written inspection and ask for their help and commitment through the entire process. A local experienced hail damage firm has been through the process many times before, look for company with knowledge, resources and experience in specifically handling insurance claims.

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