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Hail Claims

Golf ball sized hail damage to a 3 tab shingle

Golf ball sized hail damage to a laminate shingle

Golf Ball Sized Hail Damage To A Laminate Shingle
Golf Ball Sized Hail Damage To A 3 Tab Shingle

Hail damage claims in Kansas City are one of the most common types of insurance claims. What does this mean for you?  A major disadvantage - your insurance company is better prepared to overcome the choice to replace your roof, gutters, etc. Insurance companies have many years of experience in this process and have a well developed plan of attack to minimize your settlement.

If there is obvious damage like holes or dents the process can be much smoother.  But in most cases, hail damage is not cut and dry.  More often than not the decision to replace a roof comes down to the judgement call of an insurance adjuster.  One thing is certain, once the adjuster decides you have little or no damage, it's difficult to change his or her mind.  To overcome this, one requires a deep understanding of the physics of hail.  Specifically the wind effects on hail, general direction of the storm, size of hail stones, and relative hardness of hail stone.

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