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How To Avoid The Costly Damage Of Woodpeckers

himself of this pesky woodpecker before it had done all of this damage?  

​I have put together the following list of the best suggestions I have found online to deter those pesky woodpeckers from your home:​​

wasn't enough the woodpecker moved to the front of the house where the home had EIFS synthetic stucco installed. 

​We will soon be replacing all of his existing siding with “Woodpecker Proof” Cellular PVC siding, but it got me to thinking. Was there anything this Dr. could have done to rid

Needless to say the Dr. was not happy about having the unexpected expense of replacing all the siding on his home all because of a pesky woodpecker. That’s right, this woodpecker started on the wood siding on both sides and the rear of the home, pecking all sorts of holes.   Then if that

Damage Of Woodpeckers
  • Completely smother a pinecone in cheese to attract the woodpecker and sprinkle it with cayenne pepper. Place the pine cone(s) where the most woodpecker activity is; one taste of the cayenne pepper and the woodpecker should be convinced to relocate.  

  • Fill a small spray bottle with water and Tabasco sauce. Spray the area where the woodpecker is causing damage such as tree bark, siding, etc. Let the woodpecker come back and peck at that area again.  Woodpeckers typically do not like hot sauce and will remember never to peck that area again.

I recently got a call from a gentleman asking for an estimate to replace his siding.  This poor man lived in a nice neighborhood in Johnson County. He and his wife were both doctors. The Dr. told me that he and his wife had just finished paying college tuition for the third time with their youngest daughter, and his oldest daughter had just informed him and his wife she was going to be getting married this year.

February 10, 2015

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